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Her Excellency Dr. Monica Sekhmet Grant, PhD is a successful businesswoman and media developer based in New York City. She is an international personality, speaking on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Media Advocacy & Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Social Justice, and International Business.

Monica earned her Doctoral Degree of Philosophy with a specialization in Conscious Business Ethics from the University of Sedona in 2021. 

She is the founder of Young Boss Media Inc, a social justice media production company and the Young Boss Media Activist Institute Inc, an educational 501 (c) 3 community organization focused on teaching young adults how to produce socially conscious media. Young Boss Media Inc is the parent company to the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce Industry - USA,  Young Boss Africa, and Young Boss Asia.

Monica is the President of Reocomm Technology Energy & Maritime Group LLC, which emerged in 2020 to supply medical clinics to communities devastated by Covid-19. Also, the President of Reocomm Foundation Global Incorporated, a 501(c) 3 focused on empowering women and girls in the areas of health, education and technology.

Monica is the President of the Asian- African Chamber of Commerce & Industry-USA chapter. She is also the executive producer and host of AACCI-TV.

She is the host of The Monica Grant Show, a studio talk show filled with inspirational wisdom and business commentary, along with thought-provoking interviews, known as Mentorship Calls. Interviews are intended to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs, social innovators, and artists with relevant information to succeed in a global business market.

Monica provides Intuitive Transformational Business Coaching to women entrepreneurs in Africa Asia and the USA, helping them identify limiting beliefs, create new possibilities for their life and achieve the business success that they can be proud of.

Monica is an International Director of Management and Business Consultants – Africa (MBC-Africa), Ghanian not-for-profit, non-political network of Business, Investment, and Management Consultants who seek to improve the socio-economic development of Africa through African businesses and institutions. 

Monica Is the Director of Media for the International Institute of Family Development, led by Veloa Greene., whose mission is to create1 million jobs in Africa. 

Monica is the Global Media Developer of Deuchakar Group of Companies, led by Dr. Satnam Deuchakar. 

Monica was awarded the FIGHR Prize of Peace 2020 Outstanding Emerging Youth Award by The Federation of International Gender and Human Rights.

Monica is the author of Mind Your Business and Prosper, a self-help workbook for young entrepreneurs.

Outside of her busy life, Monica enjoys spending time in nature, creating art, eating

fresh food, laughing, dancing, and being close to her family and friends.

  • Founder and President, Young Boss Media Inc

  • Founder and President, Young Boss Media Activist Institute, Inc (501c3)

  • President, Reocomm Foundation Global Incorporated

  • President, Reocomm Technology Energy & Maritime Group LLC 

  • President, Asian-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry- USA

  • International Partner, World Business Angels Investment Forum

  • International Director of Management Business Consultants-Africa

  • Director of Media, The International Institute of Family Development, Inc USA

  • Creator, Never Enough Coffee

  • Talk Show Host, Master Plan, Savvy Underdog, and Mentorship Call

  • Co-Host, Make Lemonade Talk Show


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Monica Grant Certificate from ASEAN DEC